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A wedding video is a unique way to tell a story. As Indiana Wedding Cinematographers, we are able to use two things in the video that you can’t get in photography. Motion, which allows a sequence to be told, and audio, which allows you to remember the words that are spoken.

We believe that music is the background of your memories. It sets the tone for your event and helps capture the mood you want to create. When you hire us for both photo and video, we ensure consistency in your story and quality from start to finish with our “One Team, One Dream” philosophy. Our photographers and videographers work seamlessly hand in hand with a single creative director throughout the day, therefore there are no problems with people getting in each other’s shots, or inconsistencies in the final memories that are created for you.

  • Multi-camera coverage
  • Aerial (drone) footage
  • RAW footage

Why Hire a Wedding Videographer in Indiana?

Video is an incredible way to tell a story. Where still photos capture the magnitude of a moment, video helps you remember the entirety of it. With video, we can capture the audio from speeches, the nuances of body language, and the energy of the day through motion.

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You deserve something truly special

Our wedding video is different than a traditional wedding video. We take a cinematic approach to your videography experience, telling visually appealing stories with color grading, stable cameras, and smooth motion.


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