Surprise Proposal Photography Packages

Proposal Photography Packages

When we say we’re passionate about weddings, we mean it. We enjoy the entire process, starting with the proposal. If you aren’t sure just how to pop the question, we’re more than happy to lend a hand. And don’t worry, you’re the hero of this epic moment—the love of your life will never know you had a little help. 

You can’t have a storybook proposal without fantastic photography to go with it. And yours will be so extraordinary they’ll have to see photos to believe it. From scouting out locations and navigating perfect angles, we’ll capture it all in brilliant detail—undercover of course. We can ninja with the best of them!

How it Works | Proposal Photography and Videography Packages

We’re here to document the whole story as it unfolds. Your proposal is more than the heartfelt, “Yes!” There’s buildup and anticipation. There’s romance in the journey leading up to that moment when you get down on one knee. And don’t forget that blissful time after the proposal, too. Each moment plays a part in the overall experience.

Here’s our step-by-step process for helping you execute a jaw-dropping proposal people will envy:

1. Explain Your Vision

Tell us how you envision the proposal, with as much detail as possible. Consider your personality and preferences as a couple. What are your favorite places and things to do together? Are you urbanites or nature lovers? Do you want others in attendance or do you prefer an intimate proposal and celebration after? 

2. Scout a Location

Based on your vision and personal preferences, we’ll recommend the best locations or venues that complement your style. Some of these are hidden gems around Indianapolis. To get more info on these best-kept secrets, get in touch with us here—we’d love to start planning your proposal with you.

3. Write Your Story

Next, as the hero of your story, we’ll help you outline the details of your proposal, including:

  • Proposal date & time
  • Proposal location
  • Attendee list
  • Timeline & schedule of events
  • Proposal placement & assignments
  • And more…

4. Proposal Tips

Leading up to the big day, we’ll provide you with a list of tips on how to prepare your special someone for the proposal. More than likely, they don’t to be caught in their workout gear when you pop the question. We can help you prevent that without tipping them off.

5. It’s Go Time!

When the day arrives, all the details and logistics will already be in place. All you have to do is stay calm, get dressed (apply deodorant), and remember what you want to say. We recommend keeping it natural and speaking from the heart—as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true! Don’t overthink it.

While you’re getting ready, we’ll get to the location early to test out the lighting, set up equipment, and complete audio checks. We have two audio options to make sure everything is crystal clear! We also offer multiple shooters from different angles to provide you with full coverage. In addition, we’ll reach out and make sure everything is going as planned.

With everything set, it’s time for action. Do your thing, and we’ll document the most romantic proposal as it unfolds.

6. Take 2

After the proposal, take time to revel at the moment. Then, you’ll have the option to do a quick re-shoot to make sure you both get the footage and images you want. 

7. Post-Proposal Session

After the proposal, you’ll receive a personalized photoshoot that doubles as proposal photos and engagement portraits. Let me know what images you have in mind, and we can make it happen!

8. Relive the Magic

A few weeks after the proposal, you’ll receive:

  • A Highlight Reel on Vimeo (great for sharing!)
  • An Edited Full-Length Video of the Proposal
  • Access to Your Edited Proposal & Engagement Photo Gallery

Have additional questions about our personalized proposal packages?

Get in touch with us here for more info and pricing.