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How to Choose a Wedding Videographer | Best Questions to Ask & Red Flags to Avoid

Hiring a wedding videographer is one of the best wedding planning decisions you will make because it’s one of the few investments that grows in sentimental value long after your wedding day. As the new wears off and the memories fade, wedding videos and photos allow you to revisit that momentous day. Some couples make it a tradition to watch their wedding film or flip back through their albums for every wedding anniversary to remind them of what brought them together, how much joy they felt, and how far they’ve come since then.

Finding an experienced wedding photographer you can trust to preserve your most precious moments is becoming more challenging. Anyone with a camera and a carefully-curated social media presence can say they’re a professional videographer, but that does not make it so. Unfortunately, many couples are taking advantage of seemingly great deals they find on Instagram, only to be let down by the quality. Some do not even receive what was promised, or someone other than who they booked with shows up to film their wedding day. That’s not a fun experience.

To prevent that from happening to you, here are a few ways to ensure you are hiring a professional, experienced wedding videographer. (You can also find investment guidance in our post “How Much Does Wedding Video Cost?”)

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Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Videographer 

View wedding videos & preview their work.

Social media accounts may be where you find inspiration, but if a videographer’s work or an eye-catching ad piques your interest, head to their website next. Do they have more than a couple of five-second clips? Do their videos have audio (reading letters, vows, etc.)? 

If you only find one or two wedding clip montages showcased on their socials, ads, and website, you aren’t getting an accurate representation of their work (which could indicate that they don’t have much experience). A skilled wedding videographer does more than string a few of the best shots together. Look for a wedding videographer who cinematically captures the nuances of the day, raw emotions, and meaningful details. It should tell a story and pull at your heartstrings. Wedding videos should be both beautiful and expressive—poignant.

View our videography portfolio.

Interview the videographer.

Thank goodness for endless online conveniences that make things faster and simpler. But sometimes, they can come back to bite us, especially on larger investments. Be wary of videographers who have you book and place a deposit before meeting with them. It’s important to schedule that consultation call and ensure you vibe with the videographer and know what you’re getting. A phone call is a great time to ask about the process, planning, packages, and more (and they should be happy to schedule a call and answer these questions for you—see below).

Know what questions to ask.

Asking the right questions will reveal the videographer’s professionalism and expertise and help you book with confidence. Some questions include:

-What is your process from booking to delivery? 
-Can you share your pricing and packages?
-What is your photography/videography style?
-Can I customize packages based on my needs?
-What are your available dates?
-Do you have a second shooter?
-What kind of equipment do you use?
-Can I make shot requests?
-What is your policy or plan for emergencies—sickness (videographer or the couple), weather events, unexpected vendor cancellations, etc.?
-What is the most challenging wedding you’ve ever covered, and how did you make it work?
-Are there any perks of booking with you?
-Who is your ideal couple?
-What is your favorite part of being a wedding videographer?

Know what you are getting in your wedding videography package.

Something that sets us apart is that our most comprehensive package includes audio of the ceremony, speeches, letters, and guest messages. Couples get separate videos of each event throughout the day and the unedited footage.

Some videographers seem like a good deal, and they may even offer full-day coverage, but it’s important to know what deliverables you will be getting from that coverage.

Read the fine print.

Contracts and agreements protect the videographer and the client. Lack of an agreement is another red flag, and it’s especially risky for you as the client. If they do not show up or deliver promised products, you may be out of luck (and out some money) if neither party signed an agreement. And don’t forget to read (and ask questions!) before signing.

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