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How Much Does Wedding Video Cost? | Indianapolis Videographers

Wedding planning is hard work. Even with a planner, you have to decide on a budget and prioritize which services, vendors, and details are most important to you. In our humble opinion, wedding videography is something to seriously consider so you can preserve your memories forever. But first: How much does wedding video cost?

I recently overheard two friends chatting about their wedding experiences on a much-needed pool day. One mentioned that her wedding day was so incredible that she wished she could relive it. After ten years of marriage, her one regret was not hiring a wedding videographer.

“I remember how I felt that day, but it seemed to go by in a blur. I desperately wish I had a video that captured all the little details and the big moments. The memories fade more every year, and we’d both love to replay that day. We just booked photography to save money, but looking back, I wish we would’ve invested in videography too.”

I returned to the book I was reading, but I thought, “How many couples feel the same way?”

Do I need photography and videography?

Since photography and videography are two big-ticket items, it can be tempting to forgo one. However, photography and videography serve different purposes. Photography allows you to freeze-frame those details and moments so you can hang them on your walls, create albums, and showcase your favorites. You can take them with you; photos are easy to share and pass down to loved ones. Photos are art that tells a story.

Wedding videography allows you to replay the day and relive it as close to real-time as possible. Imagine your favorite show or movie. Having an album of snapshots from different scenes just wouldn’t cut it. You must re-watch it to fully enjoy it and experience the character’s lines, body language, and actions that make the film your favorite. Fans of the sitcom Friends know episodes by heart and re-watch them on repeat because of how they make them feel—it’s comforting, funny, and relatable. Wedding videography is the same way. Video allows you to return to that moment and let the day’s emotions wash over you. It’s an experience.

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How Much Does Wedding Video Cost?

Wedding Videography Levels

It’s an old cliché, but it still rings true: you get what you pay for. As videographers, it’s discouraging to see others charging less than $1,000 for 6 hours of coverage, but we know quality and professionalism are not guaranteed at that level. It’s probably safe to say that anything less than $1,000 is a red flag for professional photography or videography. When looking at the cost of wedding videography, it’s best to budget for a little more.

Some reputable videography companies range between $2,000-$4,000. However, you may not get a personalized experience. The company will send a videographer from their team who will produce quality work, and they probably have experienced editors. Still, it might feel more like a business transaction—they’re there to do their job and film your day behind the scenes. You may have less input on how and what they film.

When budgeting for wedding videography, you can expect to spend between $3,000-$8,000 for high-quality cinematic wedding films. Most experienced boutique wedding photographers and videographers fall under this tier. At this level, you’ll find more flexibility to personalize your packages and work closely with your videographer. You can plan together, share your ideas, and create a package that works for you. One of our most popular packages includes ceremony audio, speeches, letters, and guest messages. It also includes separate videos of each event throughout the day, plus the unedited footage.

Nathan Phillips Weddings offers three main packages, plus a list of add-ons and a la carte services to customize your experience.

As experienced destination and Indianapolis wedding photographers, you can count on us to help you troubleshoot any unforeseen situations with lighting, weather, vendors, décor, setup, and more so that you have the best wedding experience—and photo and video—possible. We do whatever it takes to unobtrusively get those romantic shots without interfering with your experience.

The Benefit of Bundling Wedding Photography & Videography

The benefit of bundling wedding photography and videography with us is that we offer discounted pricing on your package so you can have both! Plus, we’ll capture both in a seamless, high-end style for photos and video that complement each other. (It also involves less vendor coordination when you book both services together.)

More Coverage for Better Films

To ensure your day is beautifully covered from all angles, we have a drone available for footage and a second shooter to capture important moments. The second shooter is built into your package.

Want to Learn More about Wedding Videography Packages?

Hi! We’re Nathan and Vivan, the husband and wife team committed to giving you an exceptional videography experience from consult to delivery. We would love to schedule a call with you to answer any questions and help you select the right videography package for you. (We recently added a HiGlam Photobooth rental to our service, too. Learn more about that here.)

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